In an Oxfam HatElizabeth Bruce started painting in 1993 and soon decided to give up a successful career in IT to paint full time. She moved back to Cowal in Argyll, Scotland in 1996 to establish her own studio and has lived and worked in Blairmore on the shores of Loch Long ever since.

Although largely self-taught, she has studied part-time at Langside College and Glasgow School of Art, as well as with various tutors, including Christine MacArthur RWS, RGI, and Hugh Scott. Elizabeth is a voracious reader of books on the history of art and Scottish painters in particular - from the colourists via Anne Redpath and Joan Eardley to Victoria Crowe.

Elizabeth has worked in all media, on a variety of subjects, and is currently concentrating on acrylics including still life, interiors and figures. Despite being surrounded by the splendours of West Highland scenery, she paints only an occasional landscape.

Elizabeth's work has been shown in various galleries:

She was elected a member of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists in January 2003.

In her own words, "Painting transcends time; something takes over so completely that hours pass like minutes and, after the spell is broken, it can be difficult to say how a particular effect was achieved. I am sure it is this 'spell' which makes painting so addictive, to the point where the results can seem incidental, a mere by-product of the process. On the other hand, if the process did not remain instructive, the addiction would probably be cured overnight."

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